Various teams support the board in its work:

The concert organisation team

Every concert requires a large organisation, for which the concert organisation team is responsible. It takes care of all the logistics – from finding suitable rooms, to setting up and dismantling platforms, lighting and recording equipment for concert recordings, to flowers for the soloists. (Member of the Board: Teresa, Lutz)

The public relations team

The public relations team writes all kinds of texts, e.g. for the programme booklet and flyers. The contents of this homepage are also written by the public relations team. Furthermore, the team is responsible for the promotion of our concerts by distributing posters and announcing concerts in newspapers, on the radio and on the internet. They are also responsible for the design of the information stand which is available at every concert of the choir. (Member of the Board: Wiebke)

The sponsoring team

We have set up a special team within our choir especially for sponsors. This team maintains contact with the sponsors and informs them about concerts of the choir. They also try to find new sponsors and provide information about the choir. Furthermore, it develops further ideas for financing. (Member of the Board: Mareike)

The online team

The online team has technically implemented this website and is responsible for updating it. It also manages the electronic membership file. (Member of the Board: Andreas, Lutz)

The design team

The design team creates the layout of posters, programme booklets and flyers. The appearance of this homepage is also the work of the design team. (Member of the Board: Mareike, Wiebke)

The party team

Of course, a successful concert should also be properly celebrated, which is why the party team organises the odd “after-concert party”, as well as the annual Christmas party and occasional barbecue evenings in summer. (Member of the Board: Lutz, Mareike)

The sheet music team

The sheet music team ensures that all members of the choir are provided with the correct sheet music and that our repertoire folders are always complete. For the concerts they take care of the proper binding of the sheet music and that all musicians get the sheet music they need. (Member of the Board: Teresa)

The rehearsal weekend team

The ProWo team takes care of the organisation of the occasional rehearsal days and the biannual rehearsal weekends. For the rehearsal weekends a suitable youth hostel has to be found and booked and the trip organised. However, the work of the ProWo team is legendary due to its loving organisation of the Saturday evening programme and the morning warm-up. For the rehearsal days the team takes care of the reservation of the rooms and organises food and drinks. (Member of the Board: Andreas)